Musik Freedom HD
Musik Freedom HD version for the iPad. Desined to take advantage of the dual and quad core processing power of the iPad2 and iPad 3rd Gen
Musik Freedom Lite
Musik Freedom Lite, designed for the iPhone4 and above models of the iPhone, runnin iOS 5.0 or later.
Musik Freedom DJ
Musik Freedom DJ companion app expands the abilities of the Musik Freedom HD, by adding remote listening, mixing and track pitch, rate and transition effects.


June 8, 2012 PRESS RELEASE
Joliware has announced the release of Musik Freedom 1.1 for iPad users. This music player app was designed to take full advantage of the iPad's native music player, while augmenting it with a host of features that give users total control of their music library. Notable updates for this version include a 10 band equalizer with 22 presets, a real time, bounce meter, and the all new “urDJ” tool that generates custom playlists across genres, artists and even other playlists from the user's library.

Musik Freedom allows you to adjust your sound of each song. This is PERFECT for those high-end headphones, so you can get the best sound for vocals or beats.

The 10 band EQ wih 22 presets right on the screen is amazing.

The 3Peat features is so just what's missing from the repeat button! Just hit the button and let Musik Freedom play the song three more times, twice or even just one more time, then automagically move on to the rest of your music.

So when I hear that song I haven't heard forever, i can enjoy it a few more times!
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About Musik Freedom

Musik Freedom is a first generation media player for the iPad systems, running iOS 5.0 or later. With the Musik Freedom player, you have access to your full music library, Digital Rights Managed music, mp3, or any major audio file type and your music videos in m4a, mp4 or mov format. Play all of your music together, seemlessly. Musik Freedom gives you access to a full 10 band Equalizer and 22 built in presets. Not only that, Music Freedom can automaigically save all of your presets per song, and adjust the sound for you.

Musik Freedom introduces the urDJ Playlist generating tool. You are the genius DJ of your music. Let urDJ grab songs from the artist, genres or playlist you want to hear! Limit the search by BPM (tempo) or minimum track length to skip intros and skits and find music that fits your mood.

Get multiple views for your music with standard sorting methods for each view. Musik Freedom even brings Album Cover Flow to your iPad, and yes, you can sort your music in different ways in this view as well.

Musik Freedom Introduces a movie like rating system to your music. Rate your music as G, PG, R, or Explicit and with one touch of a button, Musik Freedom will skip over any music rated too high for the current rating of the media player. No need to make multiple playlists, or delete your music because you are in a mixed crowd.

Add and remove music, without interrupting the flow of your music, allow others to join in the selection of music via their iPad or iPhone wirelessly, and be social with Facebook and Twitter all at the same time.

Get access to all of your Music needs via Musik Freedom and be social.

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