Joliware supports the environment and renewable energy, and is an EPA Green Power Partner. Additionally, Musik Freedom is the first App and iTunes product that is Green-e Marketplace Certified, and 100% of the electricity used to develop this product is offset with certified renewable energy.



News and Info

June 8, 2012 PRESS RELEASE
Joliware has announced the release of Musik Freedom 1.1 for iPad users. This music player app was designed to take full advantage of the iPad's native music player, while augmenting it with a host of features that give users total control of their music library. Notable updates for this version include a 10 band equalizer with 22 presets, a real time, bounce meter, and the all new “urDJ” tool that generates custom playlists across genres, artists and even other playlists from the user's library.

Musik Freedom is HERE..
May 11, 2012 GREAT NEWS, Musik Freedom is now available for purchase on the App Store.
The first full featured Media Player App for the iPad is now available to give you new levels of freedom to enjoy your music and videos in new and exciting ways.